With the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lockheed Martin Code Quest® and CYBERQUEST® Competitions will be held virtually in 2022.

CYBERQUEST – Saturday 2nd April, 2022
CYBERQUEST is Lockheed Martin’s annual high school cyber competition. Teams of students work together to solve cybersecurity challenges in a Capture the Flag (CTF) format which includes: Multi-Step intrusion scenario, Steganography, Reverse Engineering, Full OS Hacks, Packet Capture, and Web Exploits.
Registration is now open and closes March 4th.
Register here: Lockheed Martin CYBERQUEST®

Code Quest – Saturday 30th April, 2022
Code Quest is Lockheed Martin’s annual computer programming competition where teams of two to three high school students work together to solve problems by using JAVA, Python, C#, and/or C++ programming to complete the “quest”. The problem set consists of 20 to 30 challenging problems created by Lockheed Martin engineers and computer programmers.
Registration period is February 14th – April 3rd Code Quest | Lockheed Martin

Please let us know at meprogram@rdahunter.org.au if your students are participating and we’ll link them up with a Lockheed Martin representative.